GO Team For Leaders

Getting Grounded in Team Basics for Leaders

Leading teams is a critical and important challenge today. It can be fun and productive or it can be frustrating and nonproductive. Which it is depends on team members' understanding of what it takes to make a team work well together toward success and the leader's ability to help the team work together. This session focuses on the basics of leading a team and provides the opportunity for participants to determine where they need to focus to increase the effectiveness of their team.

Building on Style Differences for Leaders

Have you noticed that your team members do things differently than you? Often this is a source of conflict for teams. In this module, you'll learn to transform these differences into an endless source of innovation and performance. Based on the pioneering work of Dr. Linda Berens, this powerful module of GO Team is rich with insight for all teams and team leaders.

Enhancing Team Communication for Leaders

All day every day the team communicates. Imagine the efficiencies that could be gained by communicating better. In this module participants will learn to exercise their capabilities for advocacy and inquiry. More than a process for transferring information, communication becomes the source of learning, transformation, and innovation.

Running Effective Team Meetings for Leaders

Leading an effective meeting is more than an art...it takes skill. This session equips participants with tools, techniques, skills and knowledge to effectively facilitate meetings or group work sessions. As you explore team meetings through this module, you'll discover how meetings can become a place where real work gets done! This module includes a meeting planning process that can be used over and over.

Avoiding Groupthink for Leaders

As your team begins to work and collaborate with more expertise, a new vulnerability can creep in. It's called "groupthink" and it can cause even strong teams to fall into unproductive ways of thinking. Equip your team to fight the ravages of groupthink with this module!

Sparking Team Creativity for Leaders

Problems, large and small, come up every day in the workplace. It's easy to approach problems in the same way each time. In today's competitive world, new solutions are needed. In this session, participants will learn techniques for using creativity to come up with better solutions. You'll discover that creativity is not a magical thing reserved for a gifted few. Instead, it's a discipline and a process that any team can exercise at any time.

Managing Change for Leaders

Change happens. Like it or not, change will be a continual part of your team's reality. Rather than forever reacting to unforeseen events, learn and practice a multi-lens approach to confronting a real-world change it faces. Participants will deal with their own reactions to the change, analyze the nature of the change, explore the many unanticipated ripple effects… and, of course, develop a plan of action.

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