Other Services

Meeting Facilitation

When you and your team have problems to solve or decisions to make, it is often most effective to use a meeting facilitator. This allows all members to focus on the content while as your facilitator, I focus on the meeting process, paying attention to both the task and the relationships.


Designing a retreat agenda so that key topics are covered, people feel engaged, and useful output is created can be a challenge. Keeping the day flowing and on schedule can often be even more of a challenge. I will work with you to design a session that meets your objectives and then facilitate the day so that you can focus on the content and your role. I will design and run an appropriate opening activity to get people immediately involved and connected to each other. I can also provide tips and tools to inspire creativity.

Individual Coaching

I provide one-on-one coaching, in person or by telephone with a variety of people, including executives, managers, supervisors and trainers. Each coaching relationship is customized based on the needs of the person needing the coaching. Options include observation and feedback, assessment, problem solving, etc.

360 Degree Assessment

Selecting and implementing a 360 Assessment is more involved than often realized. I have worked with 360 style assessments since 1989.

My expertise includes:

  • selecting an assessment
  • administering and monitoring the process
  • training individuals how to read and interpret their feedback
  • providing one-on-one coaching


Training isn't always the most effective way for employees to learn skills or build their career. In many organizations, mentoring happens ad-hoc. Capitalizing on the knowledge, experience and skills of your employees requires a good approach to mentoring. I will work with you to design and implement a mentoring program that matches the needs of your organization.

Emerging Leaders

Who will you be moving into leadership and management roles in the organization? I will work with you to design a program to identify and build the skills of these individuals. By looking at their talents, skills, values, attitude and style, individuals will understand themselves and their motivations for leadership. Focus on understanding styles of others and on communication skills will prepare participants to be more effective immediately in their current role as well as in future leadership roles.

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