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Spring 2013
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GO Team News - Choosing the Right Module
Book Review - Smart Trust
New Workshop - Constructive Conflict Resolution
GO Team News - Choosing the Right Module
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Do you have the opportunity to work with a team and aren't sure which GO Team module is best?  We have a few options for you:
  1. Call me!  I'm happy talk through your team situation and help you clarify how you can use GO Team to provide a great session!
  2. Check out the downloads on our website!  We just created a new one that matches up the GO Team modules with the Stages of Team Development.  Another download relates the GO Team modules to the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team.

Join the growing list of facilitators who are getting great team results with GO Team!

Book Review - Smart Trust by Stephen M.R. Covey and Greg Link

Trust is a topic that surfaces regularly with my clients.  For some, trust seems like a "nice to have," but Covey and Link remind us that when trust is low, speed is also low and cost is high. It's a business imperative to build trust in the organization.


Not everyone knows how to build trust.  The authors help with that first by distinguishing between Blind Trust, Distrust and Smart Trust.  Then they provide us with an understanding of Smart Trust Actions as well as clarifying good trust building behaviors. 


This is a great read with excellent examples!

Smart Trust 

New Workshop - Constructive Conflict Resolution

I've recently become certified in the Conflict Dynamics Profile -- a very powerful assessment that looks at Constructive and Destructive behaviors as well as Hot Buttons.


I've created a half-day workshop using the self-assessment version of the tool and already have two clients scheduled to have me deliver it.


This tool also has a 360 version that I can use.  I'm offering one-on-ones with any individual of either version.


If you want to know more, call or email me!

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