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Summer 2013
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GO Team News - New Fast Start Audio Series
Book Review - Eat That Frog
GO Team News - New Fast Start Audio Series!


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Introducing the new "Fast Team" audio guide!  It's a series of 18 audio recordings that you can download directly to your computer (or iPod or smart phone). Each three to five minute MP3 file corresponds to one of the 18 GO Team modules, and features facilitator instructions, tips and best practices, delivered by me. 
As a companion to your GO Team library, you will find this a great tool to help you bring the best learning experience you can to your teams.
Fast Team delivers more than an hour of facilitation insight ... all for just $50.  Let me know if you'd like more information or if you are ready to order!
We also have updated the GO Team website -  Click on the new tab for News & Resources and you will find a 7 minute introduction to GO Team.  In it, I give an overview of GO Team and I describe the materials.
We also have included a 1 hour webinar that David and I did for ASTD in July on Team Structures and Team Roles.

Book Review - Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy

Recommended by a client, I really liked this book.  The subtitle is "21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time." 


I often teach time management, and procrastination is a common issue for people.  I will definitely use some of Tracy's "truths" in my workshop. 

  • People with clear, written goals accomplish 5-10 times more than those who don't!
  • Every minute planning saves as much as 10 minutes in execution.
  • Time management is life management.  It's taking control of the sequence of events.

If you would like to be more effective, take a couple of hours to read this book!



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