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GO Team News - GO Team for Leaders
Book Review - You Already Know How to Be Great
Team Talents
GO Team News - GO Team for Leaders
A single page Go Team for Leaders flier is now available.  It highlights the 7 modules and describes the overall product.  If you want a copy of the pdf, send Susan an email at .
Book Review - You Already Know How to Be Great by Alan Fine

I attended a workshop on Inside-Out Coaching and then readYou Already Know How to Be Great by Alan Fine.  The book was great reinforcement to the workshop, but also stands alone quite nicely.  Alan Fine's premise is that everyone has the potential to perform better.  Our potential, however, is blocked by interference (from ourselves or others).  Interference can be reduced by focused attention, and focused attention can be simply and systematically increased.


Fine provides practical examples and tools to help us help ourselves or to use when we coach others.   Whether you are coaching clients, a soccer team or employees, these tools will serve you well!

Team Talents

One challenge that I run into when working with teams is a lack of appreciation for each other's unique talents.  Sometimes it shows up as discounting someone's talent, or sometimes people just don't notice other's talents.  Often the team is not capitalizing on all of the unique talents of team members.


If you see this issue, try this activity.


1) Ask individuals to think of someone they don't know who has a unique talent or skill they really admire.  Have them share their examples with each other.


My example:  I saw a piece on TV about the font designer and carver for the Martin Luther King monument inn Washington D.C.  Both skills - designing a font and carving in granite - are amazing talents to me.


Discuss the idea that without even knowing someone, we can really admire their unique talent.


2) Ask them to think of someone at work or on the team who has a unique talent.  Have them share.


My example:  My colleague, David Hutchens writes in a very clever and engaging style.


Discuss whether they have told the person that they admire their talent, and discuss the value of having that conversation.


3) Ask them to identify a unique talent that they have.  Have them share.  Discuss ways the team can make space for all the members unique talents.

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