January 2012
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GO Team News - New Newsletter
Book Review - Change Anything
Tips for Time Management
Webinar - GO Communicate!
GO Team News - New Newsletter
My GO Team partner, David Hutchens, and I are launching a quarterly GO Team newsletter this month.  In it, we will highlight GO Team success stories as well as other pertinent team information.
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Book Review - Change Anything by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, David Maxfield, Ron McMillan, and Al Switzler
January is the perfect time to read Change Anything.  This is a book about how to make personal changes -- from quitting smoking, to changing your circumstance at work, to improving a personal relationship, to improving your financial situation. The approach offered in the book can help you make any change and have it stick!
This approach takes us beyond "willpower" and into utilizing six sources of influence to successfully make changes.  You will be guided to look at motivation as well as ability from three views -- personal, social and structural.
So -- make your New Year's resolution and then use Change Anything to help you achieve it!
Tips for Time Management

Who of us feels we have enough time to do all we want to accomplish?  And, this time of year, we often add more things to our plate as we set goals and make resolutions.  I'd like to offer a few key tips that you may find helpful in managing your time.   


1)Start each day by clarifying the top priorities for the day. Identify the key tasks that will move those priorities forward and focus on those before getting caught up in a lot of email or other less important items. 


2) Start each item on your ToDo list with a verb.  When you look at the item, it will be obvious what to do and you'll get started faster.  (Example: Instead of "newsletter," put "draft newsletter.")


3) Keep a Waiting For list.  Here's where you make note of things you delegated and are waiting to receive back, things you have ordered and are waiting for in the mail, or anything else you are waiting for.  This prevents you from trying to keep the item in your head, or keeping it on your active ToDo list where it is distracting.


Webinar -- "GO Communicate!: Exploring and improving how your teams interact." 

IATF (International Assciation of Team Facilitators) is sponsoring David and me in our second webinar.  In this one hour webinar, we will explore two unique lenses for communication:  the "advocacy and inquiry" model and the "directing and informing" style differences.


Date:  February 22 at 1pm EST.


We've just determined the date, so sign up information may not be available yet.  Keep an eye on or let me know if you want me to send you information when it's available.

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