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GO Team News - Types of Teams
Book Review - Building Conflict Competent Teams
Measuring Goals
GO Team News - Types of Teams
GO Team Module 1 - Getting Grounded in Team Basics includes a model on Types of Teams.  I'm finding this model very useful for any team that I work with - from entry level to executive teams. 
The model looks at 2 dimensions -- the degree of interdependence in the team, and the uniqueness vs. similarity of skills needed.  The discussion that teams have when introduced to this model is always rich. The team inevitably engages in dialogue about how frequently they should meet as well as what they should be talking about at those meetings.  And that's just the beginning!
Do your teams need a vehicle to stimulate dialogue about how they can be more effective?  Are your teams "stuck" or just getting started?  This may be a good tool for you.  To learn more, call Susan or attend the April 10 webinar (see bottom right of this newsletter). Susan will be sharing this model in the webinar!

Book Review - Building Conflict Competent Teams by Craig E. Runde and Tim A. Flanagan

I find myself doing quite a bit of work with teams in conflict.  While I have many tools and techniques (including GO Team, of course), I am always interested in learning more.


The authors of this book are both key individuals at Eckerd College Leadership Development Institute and both do work for Center for Creative Leadership.  With much research behind their writing, I found many useful models and tools for team conflict.


The 3 critical characteristics they share perspective and tools for are:

  • Right Climate
  • Behavioral Integration (teamness)
  • Constructive Communication


The book recommends an assessment called the Conflict Dynamic Profile.  The profile measures Constructive Responses, Destructive Responses and Hot Buttons.  After looking at sample assessment results, I decided to get certified to use the assessment.  I'm completing my certification this month, so if you are interested in learning more, give me a call!


Measuring Goals

OK - it's January. Time to set new goals.  How good are you at achieving the goals you set for yourself?  If you are like many people, your good intentions don't always bear fruit.


I have found that a key to success is measurement.  When I'm on vacation, I wear a step-counter and make sure I get in enough steps to counter the extra calories I take in.  I consistently gain no weight on vacation.


This past Fall, I decided to wear the step-counter every day with my goal of staying fit even when not on vacation.  I'm amazed at the way my behavior has changed!  Knowing I'm going to record my daily steps, I find myself parking farther away, taking more stair cases, and even taking a few laps around the house in the evening to make my goal for the day.


So, what are you doing to measure your progress toward your goals?

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