July 2012
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GO Team News - 6 More New Modules for Leaders
Book Review - Activating Your Ambition
GO Team News - 6 More New Modules for Training Leaders of Teams
In my May newsletter, I told you that David and I expanded GO Team to include a module for leaders -- Getting Grounded in Team Basics.
We have also now created leader versions of 6 additional GO Team modules.  They are:
  • Building on Style Differences
  • Enhancing Team Communication
  • Running Effective Team Meetings
  • Avoiding Groupthink
  • Sparking Team Creativity
  • Managing Change  
The content is essentially the same as for the team version of the modules, however, the workbook questions and exercises are directed at leaders vs. team members.  We also created the supporting facilitator guides.  
The price is the same as for the team modules - $12 per participant booklet and $20 for the facilitator guide.  If you want to know more, call me or send me an email! 
Book Review - Activating your Ambition, by Mike Hawkins

This is another great book for self-development.  Hawkins reminds us in Part I about the importance of our mindset when we choose to develop.  We need to embrace the change, prepare for the challenge and establish our objective.  He identifies the barriers we have to getting our mind in the right place -- a critical step before we can develop our abilities. 


In Part II, he takes us through 9 steps to developing our abilities - starting with building awareness.  He provides practical tips for success.  Like Change Anything, that I reviewed in January, this is a great tool if you need help clarifying and implementing your development goals.


What's in our head affects our health, our relationships, our performance, and more.  As research continues to be available about our brain, I'm amazed at the consistent message about how much our attitude impacts us daily.   


So, how's your attitude?  What percent of the time do you frame a situtation around "what's good about this" vs. "what's bad about this?"  How much time do you spend complaining or talking negatively?


If you are being negative, you are having a negative impact on those around you -- co-workers, spouses, children, friends, etc.  Is that your desire?


An "attitude overhaul" starts with self-awareness.  Pay attention to what you think and say -- and when it's negative, shift it to something positive.  3 books that might help are ones I've reviewed in the past (see my website) -- Positivity by Barbara L. Frederickson Ph.D, Learned Optimism by Martin E.P. Seligman, Ph.D. and How Full is Your Bucket by Tom Rath and Donald O. Clifton Ph.D.

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