May 2012
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GO Team News - New Module for Leaders
Book Review - Managing Friends & Former Peers
The Power of Positive Feedback
GO Team News - New Module for Training Managers and Leaders
Our GO Team clients are loving GO Team so much that they want to include GO Team in their Management and Leadership Development programs.  Module 1 Getting Grounded in Team Basics is a module that is particularly useful in training leaders about teams.  
So, we are announcing a new module - Getting Grounded in Team Basics For Leaders.  The content is essentially the same, however, the workbook questions are written for leaders to answer, not team members.  We also created the supporting facilitator guide.  So, if you want to include this content in your leadership and management programs, you can use GO Team for Leaders to do it! 
The price is the same - $12 per participant booklet and $20 for the facilitator guide.  If you want to know more, call me or send me an email!  Or, you might want to just order a copy so you can see it for yourself!
Book Review - Managing Friends & Former Peers, by Gary Winters

Gary is a talented writer, and has added a new book to his Just In Time Leadership Series.  This one deals with a very challenging topic - moving into a position where you will manage people who are your friends or people who have been your peers.


Gary provides a practical approach to this challenge complete with great examples that make it easy to implement!


This is an e-book with a low price.  If you don't need it for yourself, recommend it to someone who does!  They will thank you for it!


Check out the Just In Time Leadership Tips website

The Power of Positive Feedback

I seem to spend a lot of time in workshops talking about the importance of giving positive feedback to direct reports and other colleagues at work.  I firmly believe people respond to what I call reinforcing feedback - feedback that encourages someone to repeat their behavior.


My favorite example that demonstrate the impact of positive feedback is my "Starbuck's story." My favorite coffee drink at Starbuck's is a Carmel Macciato.  When made "right" the sweetness of the carmel runs throughout the drink. When made poorly, the sweetness all drops to the bottom of the cup. The key is in the foam. 


When I get a great carmel macciato, I walk up to the barista and tell him or her how delicious the drink is and what a great job they did on the foam.  What do you suppose their response is?  They are always surprised and always pleased!  I imagine they get lots of comments when they make errors -- they obviously aren't used to being told when they do it well!  I like to think that the next person after me who orders a drink with foam gets fabulous foam!


So -- are you taking people's talents and attitude for granted, or are you giving them some positive, reinforcing feedback that will make them feel appreciated and motivate them to continue to do well?  Think about it -- and find someone's behavior today to reinforce!

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