November 2011
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GO Team News - Team Type
Book Review - The Inner Game of Stress
Teamwork in Action
GO Team News - Team Type
GO Team reveals insights about team member preferences through many lenses.  These include team roles, team creativity, team learning and style preferences for communicating and interacting with others.
In the Clarifying Team Roles module, we look at four different team roles.
In the Building on Style Differences module, we look at Directing and Informing language as well as Initiating and Responding roles.
In the Sparking Team Creativity module, we consider "the scout," "the connector," "the builder," and "the implementor."
In the Leveraging Team Learning module, we look at four learning types that line up with Kolb's learning styles.
If you would like to learn more, we have a pdf document that describes these four areas of preferences.  Just send me an email and I'll send you the pdf!
Book Review - The Inner Game of Stress by W. Timothy Gallwey
Timothy Gallwey has written several books about the "inner game."  His inner game methodology consists of:
1) non-judgemental awareness
2) trust in one's own self
3) the exercise of free and conscious choice

Research says that stress is a factor in between 75% and 90% of all visits to primary care doctors! Working in conjunction with two M.D.'s, Gallwey helps us understand how to use our inner game to manage our stress. 

You will find a quick self-assessment as well as practical tools for managing your stress. 

Teamwork in Action

My husband, Dave, and I spent time in the Napa Valley in early October.  We visited a winery called Robert Biale and while tasting delicious Zinfandel, had the opportunity to watch real teamwork in action!


We were there during the harvesting of the grapes.  Rain was on the way, so it was critical to process as many ripe grapes as possible in a very short time.  The team was working 16 hour days and processing 15-20 tons of grapes each day! 


As we watched the team at work, it was like watching a well-oiled machine.  I found it easy to see at least four keys to their success:

1) Do what has to be done -- There was no choice -- the grapes needed to be processed properly and they were all focused on getting it done.

2) Flex on roles -- When one area got ahead and another behind, individuals smoothly shifted jobs until the process demanded they shift back again.

3) Give maximum effort -- These people were working hard!

4) Have fun -- Even with the grueling work, there were moments of smiling and laughter!


How is your teamwork?  Would focus in these key areas make a difference in your success? 

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