September 2011
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GO Team News - New Team Scenarios
Book Review - Introduction to Type and Leadership
Team Decision Making
GO Team News - New Team Scenarios
We created a new GO Team "aid."  In the tool, we have identified six team scenarios and have offered ways that GO Team can be a resource to help the situation.

David has been posting the scenarios one at a time on our GO Team Facebook page.  We also have a 2-page pdf with all six scenarios.  You can download the pdf from Facebook, or send me an email and ask for the "scenarios pdf" and I'll email it to you.

To give you an ideas of what this is, here's scenario #2:
"Our team members don't trust each other."

Surprisingly, you might choose NOT to begin with module 13 Building Team Trust.  Instead, think about some of the basic skills and processes that may be hurting team trust. 

Module 2 Creating Team Operating Guidelines and Module 3 Establishing Team Purpose and Goals are often the ideal place to start.  Many trust issues stem from lack of clarity around operating guidelines and team roles.

We give a few more thoughts on this issue in our tool.  Check it out!
Book Review - Introduction to Type and Leadership by Sharon Lebovitz Richmond
Whether or not you use psychological type as a tool (commonly MBTI), this Introduction to Type and Leadership book is a great resource for anyone focused on leadership development (yours or other's). 

Sharon shares a leadership map that helps us see how our Leadership Mindset, our Skills, and our Style influence our leadership behaviors  She reminds us to consider context and to ask for feedback.

If you know the 16 psychological types, you will find the two pages dedicated to each type valuable to understand that particular type better from a leadership perspective.  And, you'll get some good coaching tips for each type!

This is a tool that I'm keeping in my tool kit -- you may want to add it to yours!  The book is available at or
Team Decision Making

As I work with teams, I'm finding two concepts to be extremely helpful to them in their decision making.


1) At the beginning of a decision making process, the team needs to clarify -- Are we making a Decision or a Recommendation?  We generally assume we are making a decision and then are disappointed or even angry when the decision is turned over or changed in some way by someone who has authority over the team. 


A recent example is a leadership team in a non-profit organization that I work with.  The Board often changes or ignores their "decisions."  As I discussed this with the team, they learned that they are probably frequently making recommendations not decisions.  They now are going to ask up front, so that they can be clear on their role in the process.


2) When a team is planning to make a consensus decision, they can get frustrated when time runs out before they can reach consensus, and then they don't know what to do.  I have found that when a team determines a back-up plan at the beginning of the decision making process, the process goes much more smoothly.  The back-up options are numerous and might include, voting, the leader deciding, a specific sub-group deciding, or other options.  With a deadline for reaching consensus and a back-up plan in place, it becomes easier to come to closure on a timely basis.

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