Leadership Assessment

1 = I could use work in this area;    2 = I do OK in this area;    3 = I could help others in this area


Relationship: Collaborations Summer 2001

As a Leader, I:


  1. Demonstrate effective communication skills.
  2. Build trusting relationships with my followers.
  3. Understand and build on people's differences.
  4. Show appreciation of others.
  5. Actively solicit feedback from others.
  6. Provide useful feedback to others.
  7. Use leadership styles based on individual's needs.



Environment: Collaborations Fall 2001

As a Leader, I:


  1. Invite and use the ideas of others.
  2. Treat mistakes as opportunities to learn.
  3. Trust people to take responsibility.
  4. Foster collaboration within my group.
  5. Foster collaboration among groups.
  6. Teach and learn from others.
  7. Share leadership with followers.



Processes: Collaborations Winter 2002

As a Leader, I:


  1. Clarify what the boundaries are, who owns them, and the process to "push" them.
  2. Understand my role and have communicated my role to my followers.
  3. Run effective meetings.
  4. Use appropriate decision making processes and make effective decisions.
  5. Use effective conflict resolution techniques to resolve conflict.
  6. Effectively implement change.
  7. Use creative approaches to solving problems.



Business Focus: Collaborations Spring 2002


  1. Understand and support the organization mission/strategy.
  2. Clearly communicate the organization mission/strategy to my followers.
  3. Produce results which align with the organization mission/strategy.
  4. Model the behaviors (daily) which support/illustrate the organization values.


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